Friday, 9 September 2016

Llwyn Onn Reservoir and Cwm Cadlan

After hearing that the Tour of Britain was going from my local park in Aberdare and I may get blocked in my road and have problems getting to work I thought I would leave early and check Llwyn Onn before work. When I got to the reservoir I saw one of the wardens on the dam with binoculars and thought maybe something good was around, on asking him he said no just checking the water level and I thought they must have bad eyes as you could see it with your naked eyes. Right back to the reservoir and it was dead, I have not seen it so quiet. All I saw were both wagtails, 3 Cormorants and Little and Great Crested Grebe and no ducks anywhere. After that I went back over the Cadlan, it was foggy on top so I stopped by the cattle grid. There were loads of Meadow Pipits, I walked up the road to the clump of trees on the left where there were lots feeding in the field by the stream. I also got 6 Stonechat and 4 Whinchat and it looks like the Wheatear have gone for another year. The Rowan Trees are full of berries and some trees look like they have not got leaves on with all berries. There were a couple of Mistle Thrushes and lots of Goldfinch feeding and also by the clump was this poor linnet which sadly does not look long for this world.


  1. I thought i better post and after last sundays crackng day i was very surprised know body posted from strumble head

  2. That Linnet looks like Mike when he has not had a drink.

  3. It had nothing to do with drink, I was late to meet you lot, I jumped straight out of the shower into the car and drove with my head out of the window so it would dry. Hence when you picked me up I was still dressing.