Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Rhaslas (again)

More postings from Rhaslas I'm afraid, not much longer it's destruction is more or less guaranteed. At 09:30 this morning a single juv ringed plover and redshank[3], wheatear[3], swallow[c50], swift[5], house martin[10], mallard[11] and great crested grebe[2].


  1. Mike, What has happened? MCP & I were up that a few weeks ago, and we noticed they were pumping some water out. Has there been significant developments since?

  2. No development merely a sea change of attitude expressed by the users of the pond, a month ago it was, 'protection of the environment from opencast etc' to currently, 'how the local community will benefit from receiving a levy from every ton of coal mined'. It was to be expected.

    I queried the water abstraction with NRW and MA have a license to abstract 159,000 cubic metres between the 1st April and the 31st of September.

    Bird wise the current state of play is; number of high ranking welsh birders prepared to criticize wind-farms = more than I could shake a stick at. Number of high ranking welsh birders prepared to criticize open cast coaling = 0, zero, zilch.

    Completely pissed off.

  3. Mike: Has any environmental organisation, either local or national, said anything against these proposals? What can the GRC & GBC do to help? Who can we write to telling them of the importance of this open water to passage migrants and to local residents. What is happening with the Lapwing population and the usage of this site? Don't be pissed off, nothing has been bulldozed yet! Please advise.