Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Rhaslas and beyond

A morning visit to Rhaslas failed to connect with Mr Hogan, but did connect with his Garganey. No waders were found, but another birder had just been round and had flushed 3 Snipe and 5 Teal. The Wheatear's remain with a 1 calendar year bird along the haul road. The bog pools held good numbers of Emerald Damselflies, Black Darters and Brown China-mark moths, with at least 6 Emperor Dragonflies holding territory including a pair oviposting.

Mr Hogan was seen lurking around the pond later that morning as I returned from shopping.

A call in to see if we can get anything that could confirm whether the Little Owls, Mike found earlier this spring, had bred failed to turn up any owls. The tree did, however, hold a Spot Fly, Tree Pipit and juv Redstart. Nearby Buddlea's held 2 Red Admirals, 2 Wall and a Painted Lady, as well as numerous Small Tortoiseshells. The highlight, however, was a Yellow Wag seen briefly in flight and calling mixed in with a large flock of Mipits and Pied Wags. Unfortunately I couldn't find it on the deck.

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  1. I can see I'll have to get up earlier in the morning. Nice to hear you all had a good time in Cornwall, do I owe any money. Just 1 dusk and 1 dawn to do, then I'm free. I'm waiting for a cctv 4xcamera plus 8 infra red lights to arrive then I'm out making some night time movies!