Thursday, 22 August 2013


Taken today at south dam inner wall, crazy light with 26C at 16:30 hours, another RP was also present at 09:30 with a brief flypast of a single clouded yellow. Returning winter wildfowl have occasionally been present over the last couple of days including; teal[10], tufted duck[7] and wigeon[2]. The access track has been blocked at Fochrhiw turnoff, apparently due to increase of flytipping, hopefully cutting down on disturbance.


  1. Good luck in Cornwall, I wish I was coming with you, I'll be thinking of you all when I'm crawling through another roof space filled with wasps. Take care, see some good birds and drink as much as possible.

  2. Won't be the same without you. It was your turn to buy the first round, 2 pints for yourself and one each was the rest of us. Plus who is Rob Gaze going to pick on now?

  3. I'v never picked on Mike he just gets a bit funny when you mention women and peanuts,sorry your not coming Mike you'll be missed especially at the bar!