Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Llwyn-onn diver

Great northern diver just off south east bank at 10:00 hours this morning. The rest of the patch somewhere between the usual suspects and slim pickings.


  1. Hi mike is it in merthyr or cynon valley side. I was up there sunday and it was blood dead , Did have 5 crossbills and 3 willlow tits,

  2. I found it in Merthyr, between spillway and burger van, so walked up bank trying to get a closer shot. As soon as it spotted me it swam across towards Cwm Cadlan turn off and in to RCT, I took my eyes off it for a moment and it was gone. The juv that turned up in 2011 (28th December) stayed for c3 weeks so keep your fingers crossed. I've been getting willow tit at the wooden fence north of Cwm Cadlan turning and at Garw Nant where north - south track divides.

  3. cheers mike . I had one by hide in tit flock and 1 pair up garwnant by the brown wood owl.