Saturday, 28 December 2013


I had a phone call this morning off Rob who said that if I didn't go to Brixham with him for the White-Billed Diver he would tell Deb to stop my next year's ration of chocolate. What could a man do but give in to bribery. Well I can't live on bread and water alone.
So not long after I was on my way to Devon in Rob's car ( other members of the blog can make comments here ).
Two and half hours later we pulled up in the harbour car park at Brixham in a rain shower.  We walked over the other birders on the harbour wall and were soon having cracking scope views of the White-Billed near the other side of the harbour.  It had also stopped raining so we walked over to the far side where we had even better views but I could not get a decent photo as the bird just kept diving. The dives were very long in time and distance you could not really predict where the bird was going to surface again.
Also in the harbour were 4 Black-Throated Divers, 1 Red-Throated Diver and a Great Northern Diver.
On the way home we called into Broadsands where we had our best views of Cirl Bunting ever. I think every birder from the Diver twitch had also called in to see the Cirls. We also found another Black-Throated Diver and another 2 Great Northern Divers, also 2 or 3 Chiffchaffs.

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  1. A cracking day out with some stonking birds to boot,Phil how you manage to sleep at night is beyond me Deb reckons you ate next year's ration of chocolate today!