Monday, 2 December 2013

Tunnel surveys

Did the annual winter tunnel survey with Mark Evans on Sunday counting hibernating herald moths: Cefnglas[82] and Pant [37]. No Merthy/Aberdare tunnel survey has its been pressure grouted in preperation for a Sustrans route, records of hibernating bats were dismissed, so they did it in winter (bat hibernation period), another case of mass hallucinations in the valleys, what are we on. The good news was cobalt crust fungus on the Merthyr side of the Cefnglas, Mark Evans' favourite fungus. Even better news was I didn't have to lie on my back in the mud to veiw, its on a dead stem sprouting from the north approach wall. Bird wise; small parties of crossbills each time I visit Llwyn-onn/Garw Nant with a single wigeon on Llwyn-onn with mallard [30]. No sign of shrike with a kestrel always present on north clearfell.

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