Thursday, 26 December 2013

Tissue tissue all fall down

I went caving today with the man with the singing wellies (aka Mark Evans), we visited a cave at Morlais Castle (fairly easy going you can walk in with a crouch) and found herald moths[13] and a first for both of us; Tissue[2], last recorded in Merthyr in the early 20th century. This cave ends in a vertical chimney exit via a squeeze which Evans and myself can no longer fit through (here's an opportunity for you Mr Gaze). We then journeyed to Ystradfellte, the millstone grit outcrop where Peregrine bred for years, alas no longer. Evans introduced me to a cavity formed by the collapse of the grit into the sink holes formed in the limestone below; it was 3ft wide and 1ft high, " have to reverse in" he said, "oh leave you bag outside, just in case, so people will know where we are". You should see the mess on my trousers! The GND was happily chewing crayfish when I passes at c14:30 ish. Martin, I'm working in the morning so wont be at Llwyn-onn until 10:00 ish, is that ok. Happy New Year everyone, be lucky or even better just jammy.

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