Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A Couple of Pics from Robertstown

During my short visit to Robertstown, I found this beautiful hoverfly; Chrysotoxum festivum. It is a distinctive species and one I haven't previously seen.

Chrysotoxum festivum

It is fairly well distributed, but apparently never particularly abundant.

Chrysotoxum festivum

While there, I also came upon this Hairy Shieldbug (Dolycoris baccarum), which is a local species, but one I occasionally come across in such overgrown, scrubby places..

Hairy Shieldbug

It is a pity that this particular site is doomed to be developed as the site of the new college.


  1. What are you doing my patch pal.I found wild golden rod in Abercwmboi today behind Maple terrace in horses field.

  2. Sorry, the sign must have been hidden by the vast swathes of majestically towering Canadian Fleabane!
    Once you notice the first plant of Golden-rod, you then usually find loads of it on site and wonder why you hadn't noticed it before. It's that sort of plant.

  3. I thought it was some kind of saint john wort .