Monday, 22 September 2014

Keep your eyes out for...

this beetle.

A couple of weeks ago I did a walk along the Taff Trail down to Cilfynydd. Whilst there were not many birds, my eye was caught by a bright red beetle sitting on a leaf. It looked a bit like a Cardinal Beetle, but was quite small, probably less than 10mm in length, and a well ridged elytra. After doing a bit of research I believe this is a Net-winged Beetle Platycis minutus. - the pale tips to the antenna being the most obvious diagnostic feature. About a mile further along, I found a second individual.
A look on the NBN Gateway shows only two previous records for this nationally scarce beetle for Glamorgan - both in Merthyr Mawr. There is, however a record from along the Heads of the Valley, near Blackrock and a couple near Llangorse, so it might not be as scarce as currently thought.