Monday, 8 September 2014

For Martin

Following our chat today, here are some pics of the migrant hoverfly, Scaeva pyrastri and the plant Canadian Fleabane, both taken at Abernant. Car passed (still in shock) so I've treated myself to that book on Hoverflies.

Scaeva pyrastri. Note the distinctive, comma-like ends to the cream stripes.

Canadian Fleabane. The plant is around 40cm tall.

Detail of the flowers.


  1. Cheers mark . I have seen that hoverfly before. and great to hear your mot as passed.

  2. I briefly popped into Robertstown, this afternoon, and Canadian Fleabane is everywhere there. Therei s some where you park the car, then as soon as you cross over the bund into the site, there is a forest of it on your left. It was nice to see that Hare's-foot Clover is still just about hanging on there, a plant being up near the leather sofa.
    There was a Blackcap calling from alongside the Cynon, up at the bridge end of the site.

  3. Yes mark I found some one or mybe two hundred Canadian fleabane It,s blood all over Robertstown.It,s so plain you just dont see it and it,s like Rock Sparrow of the bird world.The Hare ,s Foot Clover grow in a couple place over there both sides of the road.