Sunday, 22 February 2015

4 Waterfalls Walk Fom Penderyn

Martin Bevan and myself decided to try and find the waterfalls near Penderyn having failed once before. This time armed with written directions there was no problem apart from one wrong turning. Bird wise very quiet a pair of Dippers probably the highlight.
However at the second waterfall on the walk we had a shock when Martin noticed a Mink down below the waterfall. Typically I had the wrong lens on the camera but a quick change enabled me to get one grab shot.
The walk itself was just under 7 miles in total with three steep climbs with a lot of steps up from the waterfalls. Weather was good when we started out cold but clear. However this changed and we had constant rain on the return trip both of us were really glad to get back to the car being soaked through.

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