Sunday, 22 February 2015

Bit more of the 4 Waterfalls Walk

 this is behind Sgwd y Eira waterfall.

 Sgwdy Pannwr Falls
 Found this behind waterfall Green Alga.
 been told this is ice forming on Dead Wood .
 Birch Polypore .


  1. That fungus looks like a Coffee Puff, good enough to eat.

  2. Yes i know the light was bad and would have let you take the first bite mate .

  3. You are right, Martin. The ice is being extruded from the vascular tubes in the wood and is called Ice Wool. As for the orange thing; it is a green alga (yes I know its yellow) called Trentopohlia aurea, which is covering clumps of mosses.

  4. Cheers mark i thought if anybody know you would and thank you for id .

  5. I have been told that it is thought, the ice wool is in part a product of certain fungi within the wood. The theory is that the fungus produces gas as bi-product of its normal processes and with ice forming in vascular tissue of the wood, the gas pressure builds up enough to extrude the ice as it is forming. As a theory, it makes sense and could explain why only the occasional piece of waterlogged, rotten wood produces the ice wool, when the woodland floor is covered with seemingly identical pieces.

  6. Hi mark do you see the ice wool regal as this is my first time. .also thank you for the great information