Monday, 16 February 2015


Sat morning did Ogmore and Kenfig on the way to coaching. Couldn't locate the Water Pipit at Ogmore, but the Glauc' Gull was still around sker. Iolo's parakeet was very vocal in Singleton Park during the afternoon, though was difficult to see. 
A pre-game visit to CCF on Sunday morning and I eventually managed to pick up one of the Brambling in the Chaffinch flock. The Curlew have already returned to the Bedlinog area as a male could be heard singing off in the distance. Patchwork Challenge list now up to 49 species / 50 points.
Wisely booking today off work to recover from the excessive libations whilst watching my bravehearts loose narrowly (Apparently 8 units - 4 pints - in a 24 hr period is binge drinking!!!!!), meant this afternoon I was able to do my first check of the local Heronry - This initial watch located 6 occupied nests - this will no doubt increase as the chicks hatch and they clearly highlight the nest localities. On the walk back, by Cefn fforest farm I heard some Crossbills fly over into the trees. Looking up, I noticed one appeared to show a white wing bar. Working through the birds - male Common, female Common, female Common, male Common, where are the other two. I can hear them. move a bit to change my line of sight, Dam, 3 have flown. landed, right on the tops of some trees further back. Male, Common, female Common, male - got it a wing-bar!. Unfortunately it was only a narrow single wing bar, so no Two-barred, just a Common, but it got the heart going for a bit.

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  1. If 4 pints is binge drinking Mike is in trouble.