Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Forest Farm

Quick visit to Forest Farm on Monday for first light and sat in the Kingfisher hide in the dark waiting for the Kingfisher to turn up but sadly no sign, got nice views of a fox but it was to dark for photo. All that was present were two Moorhen, two Mallard and a Grey Heron. I went on to the feeding station outside the other hide but it was very quiet and on looking closer I could see there was very little food out so the birds I so were in low numbers . There was about three Reed Buntings and the Little Buunting was present but it keep it's distant. There was three Grey Heron in the field. I was about to leave when there was a heavy hailstone shower so I sat tight for 5 minutes and boy did it come down. On walking back to the car had nice views of a female Sparrowhawk flying over. The road was now covered in hailstone so I had good fun getting out of there .

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  1. Hi did on the way to work will cast your magic eye over this mate .