Sunday, 9 August 2015

Bryn Du, playing catch up

I managed to get up to Bryn Du yesterday morning, to checkout the Round Leaved Wintergreen's found by Mark earlier in the week. Thanks to the directions from Martin I found the two plants - larger flowered than I had presumed.

The Bramble surrounding Martin's Thistle was alive with Bees, Wasps, Hoverflies, etc. including three new hoverflies for me.
 The large wasp mimic Sericomyia silentis,
 the smaller Meliscaeva cinctella,
and Platycheirus albimanus.

The Wheel wash was alive with invertebrate life, dozens of Great Pond Snails, Azure, Common Blue and Emerald Damselflies and a male Emperor Dragonfly patrolling the pond.  Water Boatmen came in many differing sizes including both the Greater (also known as backswimmers) and the intricately marked Lesser Water Boatmen.
On the bird front, highlights were a flock of 17 Crossbills.

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  1. There is a good diversity of habitats up there and surprisingly rich, when you consider the elevation.