Saturday, 1 August 2015

Rhaslas post Brazil

Returned to Rhaslas on the 21/07/15, not surprised that the Orcs appear to have ignored the NRW message that as Schedule 1 birds breed on the site they have a responsibility to protect the site from disturbance. At least 1 of the many tyres previously dumped at the site had been set alight and both west and east banks bore recent witness marks of both 4 and 2 wheeled traffic, plus the usual angler detritus. The southern access track was also re-opened on the evening of Friday 24/07/15 and remained so until probably sometime on Tuesday 28/07/1 as when I visited on the Wednesday morning the track had been re-blocked by some seriously large rocks.

Singles of TT were present on the 21st & the 28th, between 1 & 2 DN have been noted on the 28th, 29th & 31st,  a single RK also on the 28th, making up a strange day trio of inseparable passage pals, CS present on the 22nd, 24th & 28th. Small groups of mixed aged W., PW & MP have also been noted, also good numbers of SI & SL passing through. Also, I may get arrested for this, but at least 1 pair of LP have successfully bred at the site, I've noted an adult giving 2 out of 3 distraction displays [rat run & squat, no feigning injury as I hurriedly retreated] while a juv has been dashing between protective cover, well done; LP 1 Orcs 0, see below;

Also a HY at the Upper Neuadd on the evening of the 28th together with a good size flock of bright yellow WW & 3 CS alas all spotless. Dowlais top had a fly over flock of 26 L. on the 30th. Anybody seen a Leica APO77 hanging about, ho bloody hum !


  1. They can't arrest you Mike - there are no Schedule 1 spp breeding at this site!

  2. Ah yes; no wintering hen harrier also, even Mike Powell apparently was hallucinating. No bats in the Merthyr-Aberdare tunnel, trusted man with torch couldn't find droppings. Coed Cwm- cothi woodland, just scrub, not ASNW so no need for survey or felling licence. No need for mitigation for the 50 -60 Lapwing breeding colony at Ffos-y-fran, just destroy the site and they'll just 'go over there', where? 'over there'. Only 'seagulls' at Rhaslas, stated twice at public meetings by RPS ecologist despite public warning at first meeting by Caerphilly ecologist. Can't see any of the above occurring in surrey?
    The apparent response of the welsh political classes (all of them) to the above and much more is; 'please sir how much deeper into you anus would you like us to stick our collective tongue', I'd cut mine off first!!!!