Saturday, 15 August 2015

Record counts for WeBS and WBC

Headed out to do my WeBS early this morning. A couple of Daubenton's Bats were flitting over the Taf Bargoed alongside Mill Road. Up at the lakes a Common Sandpiper was a pleasant surprise. Mallard total came in at 99 - a record WeBS count for this site. How long before I break the 100 mark? I also counted 87 Pied Wags leaving the reedbed roost.
From there, it was a  walk round CCF. As expected, birding was hard work but ultimately rewarded with the disclovery of a female Pied Fly and two youngsters. Away from the birds, the highlight was a small group of Chantrelle mushrooms.

Taking advantage of the reasonably decent weather, I then headed over to undertake my second Butterfly count. Whilst most species were not particularly showy, a grand total of 488 Six-spot Burnet made it onto the recording sheet. The number along the ridge must be several 1000.

On the walk back home, I came across this unusual chap on a Bramble leaf.

A bit of digging, and it turns out to be a late instar Dock Bug.

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  1. Excellent work, Martin. One short... frustrating!