Sunday, 30 August 2015


As advertised, I trapped at the Cwmbach end of the Merthyr tunnel, but had very little to show for five hours work. I was expecting the temperatures to drop into single figures, but was pleasantly surprised when they remained just in double digits (11.50 C). Despite that the catch was disappointing, the highlights being four Black Arches.

For most of the session, I wandered about, searching the surrounding vegetation for things to photograph and amongst other things, which I might post later, if I can identify them, I came across a caterpillar on a bramble leaf.

This turned out to be Peach Blossom and when first found, it seemed quite flat and hunkered down on the leaf, but as I photographed it, it suddenly dropped from the leaf and hung below it on a line of silk.

I left it alone and when I returned around ten minutes later, it had climbed back onto the leaf and showed more of a profile.

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  1. Nice moth Mark and if i know earlier i woud have come mate