Saturday, 20 February 2016

Little Bit Of Thailand From Me

These Gecko's shared a room with us and were brilliant to watch. The bottom one is a Toke Gecko and there were two of them. There was also a big one which was nine inches long and hid in the toilet. I thought he was very brave I thought they only used cannaries to test for gas.

 The Water Monitors were big beasties and were like little dinosaurs
 We found these Water Snails and were the biggest Snail Shell I have ever seen.
We found this thing on a beach and I thought it was a Horse Shoe Crab and after turning it over Martin said he thought that it was a Ray and yes I think he is right but dont tell him .

 On the Beach there were lots of Fidler Crabs too

 This was our transport which was nice and cool as we went along and was very relaxing.

 Caspian Tern
 Chinese Egret

The locals were in the water collecting shellfish and must be good pickings as there were lots of them. I always wanted to see Coconuts growing on a beach .

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