Monday, 29 February 2016

Pan Species challenge update

I'm now 2 months into my 1000 species challenge. The going has been a bit slower, as expected. The current total is a paltry 181 species, broken down as
Birds - 129
Fungi - 20
Plants - 11
Lichens - 8
Mammals - 5
Liverworts - 4
Molluscs - 2
Amphib's - 1
Mosses - 1

There have been a number of "tick's" particularly in the Lichen's, Liverworts and Mosses. 

The plant's in particular look a bit slim, but I expect these to jump now that more are coming into flower/leaf. Plus, of course, the insects will be on the wing shortly.


  1. You had better hurry up, have you seen the news,

  2. Well done Martin and keep the good work up .

  3. It is the slow time of the year. I notice you haven't got any insects on your list yet.

  4. I've had 1 bumblebee, but it was a quick, distant fly past and couldn't get anything on it, and 1 diving beetle - prob Great Diving beetle Dytiscus marginalis, but didn't get enough to confirm.

  5. What about leaf mines? The squiggly gallery mines of Stigmella aurella are on bramble leaves everywhere and there are plenty of diptera mines about.