Friday, 19 February 2016


2 views of The Gull, the longer I look the more Heuglin's it becomes, but I'm open to persuasion, honest.

2nd winter Pallas's Gull.

Sorry I'm late posting but I've had a really bad dose of Bronchitis, my first day out yesterday, a trip to the Co-op and now my mum is down with it. The best part of my illness has been the sweaty hallucinations which included sharing a bed with Rob's mate, the Mad Spitting Dutchman. Oh! I've been receiving strange email requests for signed copies of my battle with the giant ant, I'll remember this Bevan. I'll go through the rest of images asap, hope everyone is ok, oh by the way where are my birthday presents?


  1. Bloody hell mike good shots mate

  2. You are lucky Martin, when I put a photo of him taking a leak in Ecuador he threatened to kill me twice!!!!

  3. I'm not sure ants had anything to do with it - remember you have form regarding stipping off in foreign climes.

    I agree, the gull is an adult Heuglins, prob a small male. It does raise the question as to what the other "heuglins" are as they appeared paler/larger

  4. RE: other heuglins, maybe 'taimyrensis', apparently they are paler, larger with larger head, deeper & duller bill, larger eyes, longer legs often pinkish [KM Olsen H Larsson Gulls of .....2003]. Though Thailand maybe too far west, also some consider 'taimyrensis' to be a hybrid of Heuglin's x Vega. Gulls! enough to turn a man to drink.

  5. Also been laid up with the lurgy no strange Dutchmen in my dreams but seriously disappointed to hear Kylie Minogue is getting married,nice pics guys and a great trip report.