Friday, 13 January 2017

Colombia Better Late Than Never

When even Mike ( Pot, Kettle, Black ) starts nagging me about putting some photos of my trip with Martin Bell and Peter Morgan to Colombia in December I decided I better make an effort. So here are a few to get on with.

Black Throated Mango

Savanna Hawk

Female Blue-Billed Cassowary a real world rarity.

Red Crowned Woodpecker

Common Potoo

Andean Cock of the Rock

Orange Eared Parrot another world rarity

Brown Violetear

Juvenile Flame Rumped Tanager

Yellow Backed Tanager

Scrub Tanager

Bay Headed Tanager

Central Andes


  1. Good Photo's.
    I think the butterfly is Tiger-mimic Queen, Lycorea halia

  2. you so some nice birds and i like the bay headed tanager

  3. Orange eared parrot, hmm. Some great birds and glad to see endless days of 'stump staring' finally payed off. See you

  4. Just seen your red kite pic on bird guides, well done.

  5. Thanks Mike, it was a very nice surprise.