Monday, 9 January 2017

Nelson Bog and Parc Penallta

Sticking closer to home this weekend I decided to head over to Nelson Bog/Parc Penallta to look for Willow Tit and anything else of interest.

Unfortunately I dew a blank with the willow Tit - it's over a year since I last recorded the species at this site. They used to be pretty obvious and I would connect with them in 2 out of 3 visits. Has there been any confirmed sightings in the past year?

I did manage to find my first "red" Elfcups - probably Scarlet along with Olive Oysterling, which I've found in quite a few sites this winter.

Bird life was quiet at Parc Penallta, but a flock of about a dozen Siskins was probably the largest finch flock I've seen this winter. I did manage to identify a couple of new Moss species.
                                         Bristly Haircap
                                          Heath Star-moss


  1. The most reliable site for WT in the Cynon valley is now Hirwaun sidings.

  2. i had two in nelson bog last year and i think it was around march and they have crashed everywhere and only so two in the cynon valley and the birds garwant seem to be holding on for now and it sames doomed .

  3. A single WT still at Llwyn-onn north west, usually around feeder, if the squirrel hasn't chopped it down again.

  4. Just 1, between gate and post that once held a life belt, hung in scrub birch between path and hedge.