Sunday, 15 January 2017

Waxwings Some Poor Record Shots

Martin Bevan and myself travelled down to Penarth this morning to try and catch up with the Waxwings which have hung around there for the last week.

After waiting for over an hour 14 eventually turned up. Unfortunately the light was not good and having to use an high ISO together with hands shaking from the cold the photos did not turn out that good. Mind you seeing Waxwings also gives you a thrill whatever the weather.

We then went down to the Knap and found the Scaup hybrid which had reported there. Martin nearly losing some fingers to the local Swans because he could not get the bread out quick enough.

Then it was over to the bay where we picked up the Female Black Redstart and bumped into Kevin Hughes who informed us that the Glaucous Gull had been seen earlier but it was nowhere to be seen now. We stayed for nearly an hour looking but it failed to put in an appearance.

Scaup Hybrid

Black Redstart

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  1. I think they said lesser scaup hybrid and nice shots and blackredstart pretty good too