Saturday, 21 January 2017

Upper Boat

Spent an hour at a freezing cold Upper Boat this afternoon, good numbers of thrushes observed going past the football fields with double figures of Mistle Thrush but surprisingly only a single Redwing.Moving down to the river there were twelve Cormorants on the wires and Robins seemed to be everywhere a Buzzard gave brief views as did a flock of foraging Long tailed Tits. Further up the river i got onto a female Goosander a Kingfisher,two Little Grebe and a pair of Dippers which i watched for a while before the cold set in and i couldn't feel my feet, 23 species in total and good to be out after the disappointing birding in Goa 😎☺😉


  1. 23 species that must have taken you about 15 minutes in Goa. Pitta you had to come back to our weather.

  2. that must have been hell and how many kingfisher did you down and great too see you posting rob.

  3. Are you sure it was a Redwing? or should we start getting excited?