Friday, 12 May 2017

Dry spell

I have noticed that things are behaving different in this dry spell, in Robertstown I have had a family party of Long Tailed Tits and they were fly catching. They were waiting on the woodland edge and as a small moth or cadis fly were coming out of the bramble has it warmed up the were flying over and hovering and picking them off. I have seen lots of bird fly catching but this was a first for me. Next I was walk on the path below were I live and I heard a Mistle Thrush and when I looked up I saw an adult feeding a juv Mistle Thrush ivy berries. I was wondering if the ground is so hard that they cannot get at the earth worms. Last thing I noticed that on the same lines there is are no Mole hills over the field so they must be feeling it too and the earth worms must be deeper in the ground. I bet they are glad to see the rain were are having now. Sorry for the dodgy photo but it's the only photo I took .


  1. Noshortage of fresh mole hills in Hirwaun and Penderyn, but you are right about birds behaving oddly. I have had blackbirds following me around as I mow, to collect the insects and worms disturbed. I have never had that happen before.

  2. Great to know and i use to have a robin in abernant do the same and catch moths has they flew from the grass.