Saturday, 6 May 2017

Tir Founder Field today and Robertstown last night

After going over to Tir Founder fields the last couple of weeks and missing the Little Egret, today was pay back time. At first  I thought it's a white carrier bag has you do in the valleys but it was great to see him out in the open with the best views I have had of him. Bird wise there were two Mute Swans still present, I got my first Moorhen chicks of the year and at first thought I had Water Rail chicks but then the Moorhen popped out. There were also good numbers of Sedge Warblers in and I had at least 6 birds and I saw five of them, it was great to watch them singing and displaying and the best numbers I have seen in some time. I had 3 Garden Warblers, one was singing by the bridge and was showing down to about six feet. It was sad to see the Long Tailed Tits nest I found last week all ripped open and chicks all gone, this has happened to this pair for the last three years and it's maddening.

Phil found the Owls on Thursday night when I could not find them so on Friday after work I went back up to where Phil had them the night before and I found the Adult staight away, when I turned around the two Owlets were on a branch and looking down at me and looked really well but the only problem was they were up about forty or fifty feet and you would need a cherry picker to get any good photos. Sadly this afternoon no sign and she has moved them again.

Great to see this Nuthatch back for another year and been using this hole for about three or four years now.
Last thing I saw this car in the river, I almost jumped in to see if Mike was driving as I thought he had crashed his car again.

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  1. The pink car was there on Thursday night but I thought I'm not getting my feet wet for my mate Mike !!!