Friday, 19 May 2017

Taf Bargoed north

Managed a record shot of pied flycatcher this a.m. singing, foraging and preening in oak alongside feeder stream of a very silted upper reaches of the Taf Bargoed. Also noted on the way in; a pair of linnet, the female collecting nesting material while the male looked on together with a pair of stonechat all holding territory on / near the same small patch of gorse. Oh, lots and lots and lots of fly-tipping, its traditional apparently.


  1. Good to see you birded other places and nice photo .

  2. Not much time to go anywhere at the moment to be honest. I think its my first Merthyr bird since 2012 though I know they have bred at Taf Fechan.

  3. Good for you mike and keep the work up .