Friday, 26 May 2017


Martin Bevan and myself went up to Llanwonno last night to look for Nightjars. We arrived in lots of time and took a walk around the forest paths. Plenty of activity with Stonechats feeding chicks out of the nest, Willow Warblers carrying food and best of all Martin had a Grasshopper Warbler.

As we were looking for the Grasshopper Warbler the unmistakable churring sound of a Nightjar sounded to our left. We walked slowly that way and we were soon treated to a male Nightjar flying around and then perching on top of a tree. Another bird started calling and we then had a aerial display with the two males chasing each other. One landed in a closer tree and the noise intensity increased with the closer male getting louder and louder in what appeared to be an effort to force the other male off its terrority. Walking back to the car we had lots more aerial displays with wing clapping and we also heard at least two if not three more. Martin also heard another Grasshopper Warbler calling.

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  1. Great night and Mike would have loved it and we could hear the ice cream man in Ynysbwl twice and they must like ice cream has much as you do.