Monday, 13 April 2015

Craig Cerrig-gleisiad

Almost as an afterthought, yesterday morning, I decided to try CCG for Ring Ouzel, having had them there on the 10th the previous year. The weather was less than ideal, with the strong S.Westerly plunging over the top of the crag and down into the bowl.
There were some ugly and disreputable looking characters lurking about in the bracken, but on closer inspection, these turned out to be Phil, Martin and Martin, who were looking cold and uncomfortable. They had seen RZ already and were just leaving, so I took their place and after around 15 minutes of scanning the cliffs, I found a pair foraging on the ground amongst the Great Wood-rush and I watched them for a while as they investigated potential nest sites.
On my way back to the car, I came across a caterpillar of the Drinker moth galloping across the path.


  1. Cheers mark and glad you got them .

  2. Tried this evening but to no avail, just the usual suspects. Other news; Rhaslas CS 4, Llwyn-onn CS 2.