Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Great Spotted Cuckoo

Just going to cook some food this evening when I had a phone call from Martin Bevan  who said guess what I just found at Cwm Cadlan. I suggested Dotterel as these have turned up in the previous few years there. He replied Great Spotted Cuckoo, there followed a few sentences with some expletives before he managed to convince me he was not joking. There was then a frantic few minutes as I got ready to go, phone the local lads where there were more naughty words uttered in disbelief and asked Rob to put the news out which he did.
The journey seemed a lot longer than normal but finally managed to get there where Tony Adams met me on the walk up to the ruin where Martin had last seen the bird. We managed to get on the bird just before we met Martin.
The three of us watched it for awhile only managing to get some record shots as it kept it's distant and the fading light did not help. We then managed to lose the bird which was unfortunate as Mike Hogan, Martin Bell and Geri Thomas were seen walking towards us. After a lot of searching the bird was finally relocated where we had some good scope views before it flew into a very thick bush and did not emerge again so presumably it was going to roost there.
Big congratulations to Martin for the find. Really glad one of the lads has had a bit of luck as they put a lot of time and effort into their local patches.


  1. Nice one Bev, nice one Phil for phoning me, nice one Geri for picking me up and nice one me for not walking into the Red Lion whistling the theme tune from Deliverance. But there is always the next time!!! I love you all.

  2. Cheers all and phil who is tony evans i thought it was tony adams pmsl

  3. Just reward for all the effort you put in well done Martin, perhaps Mr.Hill will take us out for a celebratory cup of tea.