Monday, 6 April 2015

Lack of movement

Painful passage with very little showing: Rhaslas; 2 male shoveler and a curlew were probably the best today, a passage male little ringed plover was noted on the 25/03/15 [earliest for this site] zero since, ringtail on the 30/03/15 [with S Phelps who had a ringtail same place on the 23/03/15 (weird how the best birder in Wales states that this site isn't suitable for HH)], first and only swallow sighting[2] flying north on the 03/04/15.

Not much else noted on the high plains except; first wheatear at Incline Pond on the 23/03/15, a great black backed pair still present around my patch, herring and lesser black backed gull setting up roof breeding sites, first male reed bunting holding territory and a male stonechat with exceptionally large white wing bars (?). Oh and the local dog walkers still insisting on walking through a historical lapwing breeding colony [attemp to breed] while the various groups of people paid relatively good wages to protect the nests of breeding birds refuse to do anything about it.

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  1. Great to see you posting mike and alway nice to know what happen at Rhaslas