Monday, 6 April 2015


On my walk around Tir Founder I noticed a white growth on an old stump. Thinking it might be some species of bracket fungus, I went for a closer look. On inspection it didn't look right for a fungi, being hemispherical in shape. On touching it, it was soft, almost like a marshmallow! I took a couple of photo's before sticking a twig into it. The insides were just a go'ey mess, keeping up the marshmallow impression. From that I suspected it was a species of Slime--mould.
A bit of internet searching and it looks a lot like a False Puffball, Enteridium lycoperdon. a common slime-mould on old and decaying Alder

If anyone wants to see if its still around, it was on a tall Alder stump near the level crossing, about 3 feet up.

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