Monday, 13 April 2015

Starter for Tern

With a bit of a blow forecast for Saturday I decided to start early with a couple of hours sea watching from Tutt Head, Mumbles before wandering around Crymlyn Burrows, before coaching duties.

Tutt Head was quiet, with the only birds of note being two Red-throated Divers and two Common Terns. On to Crymlyn Burrows found some 150+ Sanderling, some moulting into breeding plumage, and 6 Ringed Plovers, but no other waders - not an Oyk nor a Curlew. The tern theme continued when 3 Arctic Terns flew in to rest on the beach, quickly followed by 11 Sandwich Terns. They didn't stay long however as the incoming tide and a couple of dogs soon flushed them.

O the insect side a colony of Colletes bees was found near the pump station. Given the timing these appear to be Spring Colletes Colletes cunicularis. I managed to photograph a couple of hoverflies Eupoedes luniger and Sphaerophoria scripta. There was plenty of Eristalis hoverflies, both tenax and pertinax, but no butterflies.

E. luniger
 S. scripta
C. cunicularis

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