Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A Couple Shots from the last Couple of Days

 This juv Robin was very tame and came so close we had to keep stepping back.

 Welsh Poppys
 Great Stitchwort
 Great to see so many tree fossils on the forestry road.
 Lots of heavy showers last night and produced some very nice rainbows


  1. Good shots of the Robin, was definitely a time when I wish I did not have my long lens on the camera.

  2. Great rainbows and that fossil looks far more attractive than the pair of old fossils that trudged past it earlier, on the way to Mynydd Merthyr!

  3. Oh Evans you are older than me pmsl.

  4. I'll admit, I may be a little Jurassic, compared to your Cretaceous ...