Saturday, 23 May 2015

Llanwynno Last Night

As I couldn't go mothing last night, I decided to try the usual place in Llanwynno forest for Nightjar, arriving there a little earlier than normal, hoping for Grasshopper Warbler. Sure enough, strolling down the track from the car I soon picked up the sound of reeling and zeroing in o it I eventually, after a few changes in viewing point, managed reasonable views of it.

Kevin Hughes arrived a little while later and at 21:45, we heard and saw a NJ as it briefly churred from the top of a conifer.


  1. Interesting I was out last night as well looking/listening for Nightjar in forestry clear fell in woodland near Abersychan, Pontypool. Unfortunately I didn't manage to connect with any.

  2. The singleton we had last night only churred twice, briefly and seemed more intent on feeding than display, which given the cool, unsettled conditions this past week, is understandable.