Sunday, 24 May 2015

Night Shift at Pwll Waun Cynon.

I ran my moth trap at Pwll Waun Cynon nature reserve, from 21:40 to 02:20, last night. Unfortunately, due to a temperature inversion, the temperature plummeted to 4.3 C, which was well below the minimum forecast and after midnight, fog kept coming and going, so the moths were relatively few.

While waiting for the moths to come, I photographed the conjunction of Jupiter, the crescent moon and Venus, spread out between the constellations of Leo and Gemini.

Jupiter (above the moon). the Moon (over exposed) and Venus,
to the right.

Later, at 22:59:36, I got this poor image of the same conjunction with an iridium flare.

An Iridium Flare and Venus in Gemini. What sort of horoscope
would that produce? 

The moth highlights of the evening had to be these two beauties:

Lime Hawk-moth

This Eyed Hawk-moth wouldn't stay still and was constantly
fluttering its wings, as it warmed up its flight muscles.

I also had a few bats. all of which were Pips, some on 45 and at least one on 55. Would the latter be Soprano, Mike?

At one point, there was a large splash from the river, which was probably an incautious Mallard being taken by one of the Cynon Giant Sticklebacks; voracious predators of waterfowl on the river here.


  1. Although low on moths looks like a cracking night, I still remember scoping the rings of Saturn with yourself and Connelly, while we should have been looking for GCN ( got them as well that night if my memory serves me well). I haven't had either hawk-moth since June 2013, both in my garden of all places. Re: the Soprano probably ok (44-48 common, 52-63 soprano, 49-51 pip sp). I say probable because I think best practice will soon dictate that, at least for planning applications, all id's will need to be supported by sonogram analysis. Re: the horoscope; venus in gemini with an iridium flare, I believe this to be an indication that Wales is soon to be twinned with North Korea. Also the splash heard, I believe this to be a 'disappointed dogger', checking out the light and thinking; oh no not him again. See you, when are we doing nightjar along the ridge?

  2. Thanks for that Mike. As for the NJ, I suggest leaving it a week or so, for the weather to hopefully warm up and the birds to become more active.