Monday, 25 May 2015

Long Legs and Small Doors

Phil and I bit the bullet and decided to hit Titchfield Haven for the Great Yellowlegs that has become a bit more regular of late. We arrived about 7:45, with no sign of the bird. We wandered around for a while picking up various bits and bobs, the highlight being 5 Sanderling on a single spit just off shore. Reports were that the Yellowlegs was frequenting the flooded area to the north of the reserve, so we headed off to try to locate it - apparently you park by the equestrian centre and follow the footpath to overlook the floods.

Well we found some stables, and followed a foot path.... to know where near where we wanted to be, so returned to the car. A quick check on Birdguides and the bird had re-located to the reserve. A quick dash back, and a long wait whilst one local gradually eased out of a parking space - he must of took about 5 mins - to reverse out and drive off and then we were on the bird. Great views were had till it was flushed of by one of the local Black-headed Gulls.

Both Phil and myself were quite impressed with the reserve, even if it isn't in Norfolk. We were surprised to find the Mr Gaze had a property in the locality - we did knock, but, apparently he was in West Wales. His new place is located near to Little Gays, just off Short Road, Stubbington.

                                                 Alabonia geoffrella
                                                 Miris striatus
                                             The un-anounced visit!


  1. I like it Mr Bell, one paragraph and digs at two of the gang.

  2. Thanks Mark, I'm very happy with them