Sunday, 31 May 2015

help with moths please

A couple of moths I've either no clue about or am not sure about - both at Merthyr Mawr yesterday

 I think Broken-barred Carpet for above, but stand to be corrected.
No idea for this Micro

There were dozens of Small Argent and Sable, a Light Emerald and this Clouded Border

Also clocked my first Cinnibar and Green Tiger Beetle for the year, as well as two Cuckoo Bumblebees B. rupestris and B. bohemicus


  1. Martin. The top one is Silver-ground Carpet and the second is a micro; a Pyralid in fact, called Pyrausta cingulata. It is a local species and not one I've seen myself. The wild Thyme it is with in the picture, is the larval food plant.

  2. Thanks Mark. I did consider Silver-ground for the Carpet but thought the mid bar narrowed in too much near the inner edge of the wing.

  3. We're both wrong, Martin! It's a worn Green Carpet. That's the problem with a photo, there is often a lack of scale, so a small moth, such as a Green Carpet can fool you into thinking it is a larger one, such as Silver-ground.