Thursday, 5 November 2015

Aberdare Park Last week

There were lots of Grey Squirrels in the park and all were looking or burying their nuts for the winter. People may love or hate them but I find them great fun to watch and are  proper characters.
 The resident Eyptian Geese are still present and looking real well.

There was loads of Canada Geese present and lots with rust on their bellies and looking like a subspecies. Nice too see so many and maybe worth keeping a eye out if they travelling anywhere else in the valleys.

This Greylag hybrid is the one from Tir Founder Fields and for a long time had a damaged wing but it moulted the damaged feather out and can now fly with the other geese. There were a couple of Gulls in the park and all seemed too be Juv Herring Gulls. It was nice too see so much wildlife on your door step and I will be going back again.

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  1. If the squirrels are burying their nuts for the winter does that mean no fun and games for them until the spring!!!