Friday, 13 November 2015

PinkWaxcaps in Aberdare park

Cliff Woodhead found these yesterday and it's been so long since I have seen a whole one that I had to go and have a look today, I counted 11 and there was one still coming up and I should get better shots of a whole one then.

I had a quick look  at the Fly Agaric to see if they had been damaged by the rain and found some had been blew over in the high winds. But still lots in good condition and was amazed too hear that people have been coming here too see them and feel well chuffed to share with everybody for them to enjoy them. When I was there on my good old mat on my knees to take shots I spotted these small red fungus and been told now they are Scarlet Caterpillarclub and got to get better shots of them .

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