Thursday, 26 November 2015

Funny Old week

This is the sunrise on Sunday morning on the way too Cardiff foreshore,  it was a brilliant pink and almost as pink as our mate Mikes travel bags. On Wednesday I was washing some gutters in Penywaun when I heard the sparrows alarm and looked down to see a female Sparrowhawk sitting on the floor below me, she jumped up on to a fence and back down again a couple of times and she was trying too get the sparrows too flush from the bush. I'd wished I had my camera on me as I was only about ten feet from her and looking right down on top of her and she stopped, she looked around and then spotted me and was gone like a flash. Also this week I had my first Woodcock of the year and its the latest  it's took me too get one, also last week I had a couple of Song Thrush's near the Ynys who were fighting and really going for it. I have never seen them bill clapping and they were doing it all the time I was there. Last of all looking forward to see everyone Saturday, boys and mine's a lager.


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  2. Mean as know one commenting apart from this dick . today in abercwmboi a wasp nest is still being used and i so a small bat tonight and would say a pip .

  3. Looking forward to Saturday will be nice to meet up again