Friday, 11 March 2016

Cwm Cadlan Last Night

I went up Cwm Cadlan after work hoping for the male Hen Harrier that has been seen several times by other people but not by me and it was a no show again. It was peaceful up there last night, I found some frog spawn in a ditch so it must be spring now on the Cadlan and apart from 4 ravens that was it. I saw more in work in Penywaun including a fly over Skylark and a Red Kite. When I was waiting to see if any thing popped out I noticed that the commoners on Waunwen are burning it again, I hope they don't get too carried away and burn the lot. It must be hard for the skylarks which arrived over the last couple weeks to put up with this and any snakes or lizzards must suffer too.