Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Sker Yesterday and Kenfig pools

I went down Sker yesterday with my daughter and had a good walk along the coast. We found a pair of Wheatears on the way down in the fields by Sker House but sadly too far away for any shots. Also a single linnet and a couple of skylarks. On getting to Sker rocks we could see the sea starting to go out and the bare rocks were showing. There were lots of gulls and Oystercatchers on the rocks, about a dozen Turnstones and a single Dunlin. On looking closer we could see the Purple Sandpipers were still present and I counted eight and thats was just before they all took off, there could easlier be more on the site. It was fun too see the single Golden Plover which I had seen a couple weeks earlier and he seemed ok and is flying around. Still same strange why is he on is own and not with  the flock which flew over a couple times. I also found a small group of 5 in the rocks and also still two Ringed Plovers were present. On the sea apart from 3 Common Gulls and all the regular gulls it was quiet. On the rocks I found these Honeycomb Worms which look like coral and have been told the answer now.

Did get this flock of Cormorants flying passed and a squadron of Golden Plover going over and was brilliant to watch them flying around .

The coast path still had flooding in places and the dune slacks looked brilliant. Would look great if it stayed like this. Also on the beach it was amazing too see how much peat was on show and you could see how much the beach was being washed away.

Having got to the pool to check for Sand Martin I was not disapointed and got 12. On getting home and checked the net to see a pair of Garganey at Kenfig Pool, found by Neil, great find and for a minute I was gutted but the more I thought about it I was not. I was out birding and spending time with my daughter and no scope as she will not carry it, pmsl.


  1. Sandra Morrish has got the Answer and honeyComb Worms.

  2. 633 Golden Plover?
    I now know why you go birding with me, I have to carry your scope.

  3. pmsl yes you got it and i am carry the heavy bit the Tripod and all these snacks pmsl .