Monday, 21 March 2016

Lets go on someone else's patch

Yesterday afternoon I went for a stroll over Taff Fawr and did some birding in Mike's valley. He seems to be away all the time, Phil wants the biggest list and Mike wants the biggest bar bill. They will be away more than Mr Gaze and that will take some doing.  I have been told he got the travel agent on speed dial on his phone and an app for Holiday alert. I thought why not. As I walked up the river thought it looked a nice patch of water for otter. I found a Mink scat low down and shows they are present too. Also heard a Tawny Owl calling just up from this bridge, there was a cracking pool below and have been told by local it is called Pwll Taf. Has I was sitting there drinking a coffee this guy comes up and starts taking his clothes off,  me and my daughter thought time to go and we thought  the local wildlife is mad and it's only March. I asked the guy if it was ok  to take  photos as he jumped off. He was fine and a bit of a star and when he come back up said it was freezing and I thought there no flies on him. I was also told this is the local swimming site for the old timers .


  1. Did you park in Cefn and walk through the underpass, the wooden bridge was put in by Groundwork many years ago. I remember surveying the footpaths and I often saw kids jumping off, especially during the school holidays but never in March. I'll do my best with the bar bill.

  2. I know you would mate and we parked in penmoelallt and walked over viaduct and around come up river and there was underwear everywhere and i so a pairt pants like yours in thailand.

  3. Did the pants have ants in them?