Saturday, 5 March 2016

Who needs the fab 4

Mt pan-species list took a big jump after spending today down at Port Enyon. I've still got some work to do, but it looks like at least 40 species will be added to my year total. Only 4 new birds but those included Purple Sandpipers and three Dartford Warblers. A nice find by a rock pool was a Otter latrine with one spraint that was no more the a couple of hours old, just a pity I couldn't find the Otter!

Insects, have finally made it onto my year list. 3 species of bee - 1 Honey Bee + 2 other species yet to be identified, 2 Hoverflies, a couple of spiders and a mite, Pill Woodlouse, a couple of Weevils. The best, however was saved to later in the day, when I was walking along the footpath below the cliffs when I spotted a large, dark, Beetle in the grass - A Dor?, No!, Bloodt-nosed?, No It was easilly identifiable as an Oil Beetle Meloe proscarabaeus.

This is one of my "most wanted" insects - I saw one in Spain a few years back, but, really wanted to get one in the UK. As a Beetle, it's even better than John Lennon!


  1. Martin please leave the bad puns to Rob.

  2. Sorry Mate maybe Ringo Starr but never John Lennon.pmsl

  3. That's an impressive looking beastie. I always imagined Oil Beetles to be smaller than that.