Thursday, 24 March 2016

One or two Butterflies From Thailand

After seeing so many butterflies around Elephant poo, I was wondering if we could get some shipped in, would be great at Bentley Wood .

Redspot Sawtooth

Common Bluebottle

Orange Gull


  1. Any of these turned up at Bentley Wood, would cause a major twitch

  2. Yes think it would too and we can only hope.

  3. Working through the butteflies they are:
    Photo 1 - a Jester, Symbrenthia spp - not sure which species
    Photo 4 - Yellow Orange Tip, Ixias Pyrene
    Photo 5 - a Cruiser, Vindula spp
    Photo 10 - on the right x2 Chain Swordtail, Pathysa aristeus, on left Spot Swordtail, P. nomius
    Photo 11 - r-l, Spot Swordtail, Common Jay, Graphium doson, Common Bluebottle
    Photo 17 - Magpie Crow, Euploea radamanthus
    Photo 19 - Fivebar Swordtail, Graphium antiphates
    Photo 23 - Peacock Pansy, Junonia almana

  4. Good work martin and thank you

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