Thursday, 21 April 2016

First Cuckoo

While working in Penderyn, this afternoon, I was chuffed to hear and see my first Cuckoo of the year. I heard it approach from the North and then saw it fly in and land in a tree only 20m or so from me. After calling there for a while, it flew off South, passing quite close to me. It didn't fly away completely, but stopped at a couple of other trees on its way. Obviously a newly arrived male, setting out its territory. I also heard, but failed to see my first Redstart. In fact there were around three within earshot, but none were close enough to get onto without bins.


  1. I fancy our Cuckoos are later this year and samed to be present everywhere else first and well done Mark .

  2. Funny you you mention that. They seem to have arrived a week or so later than usual this past three years. I intend looking into that and see if there is a genuine trend to later arrival of our local Cuckoos.

  3. Talking about all things cuckoo how is Mike these days?