Sunday, 17 April 2016

just over the border

Spent the day catching up with a former coaching colleague - we decided to take a walk up the Wye Valley. Parking at Tintern, we crossed the river (into engerland) and walked the Devil's Pulpit. Bird life was quite quiet with only Chiffchaff and Blackcap of the summer migrants recorded. I did, however, manage to pick up a few species for my 1000 spp challenge, inc a few lifers. The woodland floor was covered in Bluebell's, Wood Anemone, Dog's Mercury and Lesser Celadine. Hidden amongst them I picked up a Toothwort Lathreaea squamaria.
As is often the case, once you have found one, you can't seem to stop finding more - I must of found over 30 of these parasitic plants. Wood Spurge Euhporbia amygdaloides was also common and new for me.

Despite the pleasant, warm sunny weather butterflies were conspicuous by their absence, but I did come across a new moth, Semioscopis avellanella.

Also found was a Bronze Shieldbug, Troilus luridus

Yesterday Phil took me to see some Three-sided Leek Allium triquetrum that was initially found by his friend Gareth last year.

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  1. There is a small valley in Merthyr that has Toothwort and it also occurs at Aberglais. It is surprising how easy it is to overlook it amongst the bleached, dead leaves on the woodland floor.